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Our mission

Meet the needs of our time

Responding to the needs of its time, such is the raison d’être of the John Cockerill Group. As the world evolves ever faster, it must also face ever more complex challenges: scarcity of resources, population increase, globalization of the economy…

At John Cockerill, we have the ambition to combine the expertise resulting from our centuries-old tradition and the technologies born from our spirit of innovation to develop unique technical solutions on a large scale. Solutions that can complement the measures to be taken at the political, educational, economic and societal levels.

The services and equipment we offer are efficient and durable.

There are 5 main areas in which we want to bring our added value for the next few years:

Preserve natural resources;

Produce sustainably;

Contribute to greener mobility;

Fight insecurity;

Facilitate access to renewable energy.

Our vision

Real catalysts of opportunities

What brings us together is the entrepreneurial spirit that runs through our veins. Directly inspired by our founder John Cockerill, our teams continue to bring this spirit to life on a daily basis: the desire to act, to decide, to carry out projects successfully, as a team and with customer satisfaction in mind.

We, John Cockerill, are true catalysts of opportunity. We take a different look at the world, at existing and developing technologies, at the needs of our customers and the communities in which we live.

The challenges posed by today’s world are so many opportunities for us who are ready to respond to them. Our strength ? Seize these opportunities. Meet these challenges. Provide technical solutions, innovative or existing, but improved. Solutions that all meet the same ambition: to be accessible to as many people as possible.

Where some see dead ends, we see an infinite field of possibilities.

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