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ENERTIME is a young French industrial company that manufactures turbomachineries and the associated thermodynamic machines.
ENERTIME build large ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)/Binary Cycle (from 500 kW to 5 MW) and high temperature geothermal heat pumps (2 to 6 MWth) for District Heating Network. The company is headquartered in the Paris region.
ORC machines transform heat from 90°C and above into electricity. The ORC technology is particularly suitable for deep geothermal resources and for improving the energy efficiency of energy-intensive industries (steel, cement, glass, refineries, etc.) and of the engines and combustion turbines (in diesel or gas engine power plants, gas compressor stations, gas turbines). ENERTIME uses a patented axial turbine technology and centrifugal compressors for its ORC systems and heat pumps respectively.
High temperature geothermal heat pumps use electricity and geothermal sources at 30 to 70°C to feed district heating system at higher temperature (50°C or 90°C).
Enertime is one of the few companies worldwide that has full competency in the design manufacturing and assembly of turbomachinery and the associated ORC and heat pump module for large application (above 1 MW for ORC and above 2 MWth for heat pump) . Our turbomachineries are assembled and tested in our own workshop and integrated into ORC and heat pump assembled by selected subcontractors. In large markets, Enertime manufactures its ORC with a local partner with turbines and basic engineering provided from France.

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