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GEOLITH is a Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) technology provider. Its Li-Capt® technology enables local and sustainable lithium production from any liquid source, including geothermal waters, oil produced waters and salar brines. Li-Capt® is highly selective of lithium and has recovery rates greater than 95%, with a modular, scalable technology. The technology has been proven at pilot scale thanks to three operating pilots in France, Chile and UK.

GeoLith is currently undergoing its industrialisation process, aiming for full industrial performances, and manufacturing capabilities by the end of 2024. GeoLith provides a critical brick for green lithium production from geothermal sources, bringing a new sustainable revenue source to the asset owners. Geolith operates worldwide, aiming to become a global leader of DLE technology. After securing seed series financing in 2021, GEOLITH has recently launched a new fundraise to finance its industrialisation.


GEOLITHs Direct Lithium Extraction technology can turn any geothermal asset into a sustainable lithium production facility, helping Europe achieve its energy transition targets, enabling the manufacturing of energy storage equipment for power facilities and green mobility. GEOLITH aims to put geothermal energy at the heart of the energy transition, making it an essential brick for both green energy production and green battery manufacturing.

GEOLITH has performed tests in multiple geothermal assets and aims to become the leader of lithium production from geothermal sources, achieving industrial maturity by the end of 2024. GEOLITH expects to commission its first industrial lithium production facilities from geothermal waters in 2024.

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