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Member Corner

Our Vision

In GEODEEP, we believe
that geothermal energy is…

A clean & competitive response:

  • The only base load renewable energy that will be able to substitute / complement solar PV and wind energy to stabilize networks.
  • GeoDH show competitive costs, between 30 and 50€/MWh at the geothermal plant outlet.
  • A CO2 free renewable energy that will contribute to the depollution of urban areas and replace fossil district heating.

A widely available solution:

  • Good integration in urban area to supply district heating networks.
  • Easy to propose renewable heat in rural territories.
  • Diversity of uses: heat, cooling and power generation.

Our strategy is based on

Innovating projects:

  • Coproduction of rare metals (lithium…) from geothermal brains.
  • Development of exploration campaigns, 3D imagery, composite materials…
  • Cooling demand is increasing everywhere, the solution is geothermal district cooling to avoid electricity shortage.

Shared market analysis & collaborations:

  • Identification of key countries where geothermal offer is already existing or where a potential needs to be developed.
  • Participation to several international organizations and networks to gather strategic partnerships and business opportunities.
  • GEODEEP Members already work together on the French markets; they have developed strong collaboration relationships that can be replicable worldwide.

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