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CFG : a key engineering company for your deep geothermal projects

CFG is a French geothermal engineering company, subsidiary of the French Geological Survey (BRGM). CFG is a historical player in the development of geothermal energy in France, in the Paris and Aquitaine basins but also in overseas areas, particularly in Guadeloupe. CFG covers all the geoscientific and engineering
services requested in the field of deep geothermal projects dedicated to heat and electricity generation in France and abroad. Specialized engineering, reliable, human, innovative and rigorous, CFG provides a wide range of skills required at each step of the project from the exploration phase to the monitoring and maintenance of the geothermal operation.

CFG supports the implementation of all the steps of a geothermal project

CFG is your engineering company for the different phases of a geothermal project.The services provided cover:

  • Geoscientific studies: geological and geochemical surveys, synthesis and interpretation of subsurface exploration data, field modelling, siting of geothermal wells (exploration, production and reinjection), ressource assement (local and regional),
  • Engineering activities: well design and detailed drilling programs, drilling supervision and management, reservoir modeling, well logging and testing, tracer testing, geochemical monitoring, corrosion and scaling studies, production equipment supply and installation, workovers, maintenance and monitoring of operation,
  • Administrative assistance: elaboration of regulatory documents,
  • Geothermal project evaluation based on technical relevance and financial viability,
  • Design, planning and management of geothermal projects.

Selected Key references of our experience in geothermal projects all over the world:

2001 : Engineering design and construction supervision of a 20 MW unit for Lahendong geothermal power plant (Sulawesi, INDONESIA)
2004 : Engineering design and construction supervision of a 11 MW unit for Bouillante geothermal power plant (Guadeloupe, FWI);
2009 : Resource assessment and Prefeasibilty study of a development project on the the Roseau Valley high temperature geothermal field in Dominica (Caribbean)
2010 : Prefeasibility study, feasibility study and drilling supervision of a doublet of wells for space heating at Orly Airport (FRANCE);
2011 : Feasibility study of a district heating project using deep geothermal resource in Yanqing (CHINA);
2011 : Geothermal resource assessment for rural electrification at country scale (CAMBODIA);
2012 : Due diligence on the Blue Mountain Field, Nevada (USA);
2013 : Engineering design and supervision of two deep wells (2580/3196m) in the Upper Rhine Graben for heat power generation (ECOGI project, Rittershoffen, FRANCE);
2014 : Prefeasibility study of the Masigit geothermal project (INDONESIA);
2019 : Design and implementation of a flow test on a high-temperature well in the Roseau Valley geothermal field in Dominica (Caribbean).

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