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GEOFLUID is an engineering & services company created in 2013 from a core group of experienced engineers in exploration and operation des fluides du sous-sol (eau, hydrocarbures, géothermie) avec pour objectif la promotion de technologies de forage/complétion/production innovants.

GEOFLUID employs 12 people, including 3 engineers, and its activities are the following :

  • well drilling and completion
  • operating supervision and control
  • tank engineering and exploitable resources evaluation
  • measurement at well bottom
  • tank and well damage prevention based on processes using appropriate materials (composites in particular), chemical inhibition of corrosion, deposition and incrustation
  • environmental impact assessment and economic feasibility studies
  • the problematic of sustainable development and optimal resource management
  • administrative, legal and institutionnal problems linked to exploration/production/distribution of subsurface fluids
  • pollution diagnosis and subsurface depollution processes

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