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SMP-Energies is a French drilling and work-over company for geothermal energy and O&G wells created in 1998. SMP-Energies currently owns a fleet of 18 land rigs operating in Western Europe (France, Switzerland and Belgium) and in West Africa (Gabon and the Republic of Congo). The services are provided through four operational bases: two in France (Château-Renard and Pau), one in Gabon (Port-Gentil) and one in Congo (Pointe-Noire).

SMP-Energies’ drilling activity in France lies mainly in the drilling of geothermal doublets (more than fifty wells over the last 15 years) with a unique expertise in urban operations, the connection to the grid and also the prevention of noise as well as all kinds of pollution. This expertise is associated with a know-how developed over 15 years in the provision of integrated services.

At the same time, SMP-Energies acquired interests in a completely rebuilt training centre in 2009 (EFF: Ecole Française de Forage), equipped with a drilling rig and two simulators. The EFF has just set up also a training cycle for shallow geothermal drillers.

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