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For over 40 years, TELLOS, an independent, family-owned group, has been at the forefront of innovation in interconnected infrastructure development. Our commitment extends to:

Sustainable Energy Leadership:

Design, installation, financing, and operation of microgrids and urban district heating networks : green gas and biomethane networks, Geothermal or biomass, renewable and low-carbon energy

Efficient Urban and Industrial Heating:

TELLOS Group excels in engineering, construction, and management of urban and industrial heating and cooling networks. Our turnkey solutions, including boiler rooms and substations, ensure seamless heat supply.

Eco-Energy Solutions:

 From initial engineering to installation and ongoing maintenance. For example : design, installation, and operation of green hydrogen production sites

Excellence in Optical Fiber Networks:

TELLOS Group deploys large-scale optical fiber networks while maintaining a sharp focus on cost efficiency.

Driving Economic Transformation:

Creation of next-generation energy-efficient and land-efficient business parks, cultivating sustainability and growth

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