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CFG contribution to the survey and development of the Roseau valley geothermal field, Dominica.

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From 2005 to 2009, CFG carried out the survey and a prefeasibility study of a development project on the Roseau Valley high temperature geothermal field in Dominica Island in partnership with BRGM (France) and Verkis (Iceland). CFG was in charge of the geological and geochemical surveys. Based on the fluid geochemistry and recent volcanic activity, a conceptual model of the deep Na-Cl reservoir (240°C) was proposed for the first time, in link with the abundant surface manifestations in Wotten-Waven and Boiling Lake – Valley of Desolation areas. A first assessment of its capacity was done and it appears as one of the largest reservoir in the Caribbean. In addition, siting of exploration wells was proposed together with a preliminary design of the steam field.
Subsequently, in 2019, CFG was in charge of implementing a two-week long flow test of the full-diameter production well (drilled in 2014) combined with brine reinjection in a nearby well. CFG monitored the flow line and injection line with its own sensors and recording station. Environmental survey for H2S has been done also. At the end of flow test, the well output curve has been established and delivered to the field owner (Govt. of Dominica). High productivity of the well has been confirmed and its power capacity and reservoir sustainability have been discussed.

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