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ESG – Rittershoffen geothermal plant in Northern Alsace producing heat at high temperature

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A know-how recognized in Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) and fractured reservoirs all over the world                                                

  • Exploration: 2D seismic surveys (Rittershoffen, Illkirch) and a 3D seismic survey over 200km² (Northern Alsace) 
  • Design, concept, erection and geothermal exploitation of the Rittershoffen geothermal plant of 24 MWth in France (see case study)
  • Exploitation of the Soultz-sous-Forets power plant in Alsace including permanent seismological monitoring, corrosion and scaling studies
  • Design, concept and drilling of the first Illkirch geothermal well (Strasbourg area) including permanent seismological monitoring   
  • Due diligence of geothermal project in Europe (Switzerland, Turkey)
  • Well tests and/or stimulations in various geothermal fields : Soultz, Rittershoffen, Illkirch, and in Turkey (Lale)
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Rittershoffen

The heat plant of Rittershoffen has been developed in order to supply Roquette Frères Company, a bio-refinery, with geothermal heat for their industrial processes. This industrial user, located in Beinheim, France, totals 100 MWth of thermal needs. The geothermal heat plant, with an installed capacity of 24 MWth, is then providing the totality of its heat production to this company via an isolated heating transport loop of 15 km length. The geothermal brine is produced at a temperature of 170°C from a production well, GRT-2 at 2700 m depth, penetrated into Triassic sedimentary layers and the top crystalline fractured basement interface. The geothermal brine is flowing through a system of twelve consecutive tubular heat exchangers and is fully reinjected without additional pumps at 80°C into one injection well, GRT-1, at 2500 m depth. The reinjection temperature is linked to the return temperature of the transport loop. The flow rate of the brine is regulated at 70-75 kg/s by a Downhole production Line Shaft Pump. The geothermal plant has been successfully producing heat since June 2016 under commercial conditions with an availability higher than 90%.   

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